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Why black T-shirt will fade ?

Summer wearing a black T-shirt simple and easy to take, but we always encounter a black T-shirt fade embarrassment, watching his beloved T-shirt fade faded beyond recognition, but also to the direct contamination of other clothes, really distressed and angry, so black T-shirt fade how to do it? Today to teach you the recipe to solve small problems fade magic bullet.

   1, pickling: the need for raw materials: vinegar
   This move is aimed primarily cotton knit knitted black T-shirt. The method is, before washing these clothes to the laundry water plus some ordinary vinegar taking a dip in a while. However, note that the amount of vinegar can not be too much, otherwise easy to stain light-colored clothes. If you can regularly wash clothes so you can ensure that the color of the clothes clean as new!

  2, toilet water immersion method: the need for raw materials: toilet water
  This method is more suitable material like cotton black T-shirt, washing clothes for the first method according to the conventional method, rinse the clothes after a few drops of toilet water in water, then wash the clothes soaked in this water for ten minutes. In this way cleaned clothes can also play the role of disinfection and removal of sweat.

  3, salt water immersion method: the need for raw materials: salt
  This trick best suited to deal with the issue faded black T-shirt color, the effect is excellent. Bought new clothes before first taking a dip in the water first with concentrated salt water for half an hour, this is done in order to consolidate the color of the dye. Soaked after their wash according to conventional methods. If there is still a slight fade after Paowan, it can be cleaned before each launching first with a light brine for ten minutes, long run stick, clothes will never fade up again! Note that immediately after the brine used to rinse, not to be allowed to remain in the cloth.