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Which fabric should be choosed to make workwear

Professionals Overalls is indispensable clothes for workers. some large enterprises or companies are represented corporate image uniforms or attire. In order to make more perfect corporate image, in the clothes made, in conjunction with occupational characteristics, corporate culture, gender, body features and other aspects of the selection, to create a rich taste of the corporate image.


Clothes designed to be based on customer requirements, combined with professional features, team culture, age structure, body feature, wearing habits, from clothing and many consider the color, fabric, style, shape, with, etc., providing the best design for customers creating rich content and quality of the new professional image. Furthermore, it should pay attention to the following issues:


Overalls must be for their own units specially designed or specially selected custom garments difficult to have ready-made products just to meet the requirements of the unit.


When clothes are worn for work, whether it is the choice of clothes (suits, shirts), or uniform, must work to ensure that when wearing without prejudice, which is all the garments are not fully taken into account (in the back, sleeves and other parts It should be adjusted on the basis of clothing design.


A unit of employees have a variety of size and shapes, clothing is generally only 5-10 shapes. Only cover about 90% of the people (and not particularly suitable when worn). Therefore, the more high-end clothes (such as dress), to adopt the more tailored mode.

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