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Which color will lead the fashion in this summer

Summer is approaching, Skirts and shorts are taking over the spring clothing which we have just sorted out in our closet. I know you are as helpless as I am.


It's not just the physical work of replacing clothing, but also to consider what we should wear and how to dress, that troubles.


What's worse is that we haven't figured out where the fashion trend is going, or what we should buy when shopping. It's tiring just thinking of it.


So, we ask Mary Ma (a famous model) for help.  She forecasts the fashion colors for this summer, and shares a simple way to dress fashionably. For example, It will be very sexy when you wear bell-botton trousers with pointed stiletto heels. From her opinion, black, white, gray will be popular in this summer. It is well known that in such environment where people are implusive. There colors can help people to keep clam.


Aside from the supermodel's advice, Pantone, the authority on color, released a set of colors that may go popular in 2016:

Buttercup: full of the vitality of plants and vibrancy of flowers.

PeachEcho: Pink, light and chic.

Rose Quartz: A dreamy pink, one of the hottest colors of the year.

Limpet Shell: A light blue, as if looking at the horizon at sunrise.

Snorkel Blue: Blue mixed with a hint of gray, like the weather in London, but not heavy at all.

Iced Coffee: A classic brown hue with a much longer aftertaste than any coffee out there.

Lilac Grey: Soft and strong, a must-have for mature women.

GreenFlash: The forwardness of a leopard print mixed with the deep green of the forest.