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What should I pay attention to when wearing overalls?

Customized work clothes are not the face-to-face project of the company, but have special intentions. The uniform work clothes can reflect the more spiritual corporate image, and always remind the employees to work hard and not to work slowly. It also makes employees better serve the company and enhance the attractiveness of the company to employees. Therefore, WUHANKINGLONG reminds you to pay attention to the following aspects when you wear your overalls. China Shirt and Pants Manufacturers

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1: The color is not easy to be too bright. In fact, the color choice of the overalls is generally a more peaceful color, not easy to jump too much, the general choice of color when the factory is blue, gray most, white-collar overalls are mostly black, dark blue, milky white and so on. Generally, the principle of three colors, the fourth color does not appear on a set of clothes, and the three colors should not be too unfamiliar, and it is best to belong to a uniform color attribute.

2: Work clothes are not damaged. In the office workers, if the overalls are damaged, it is generally not recommended to continue wearing them. There are replacements and repairs. In fact, the overalls are of a certain age. When the time is changed, the work clothes will have holes, stains, buttons, and dirt. Can not be worn, especially in the catering industry, if the clothing is dirty, then for sensitive customers, it may be re-selected.

3: Clothes can't be worn too much. Generally speaking, in two aspects, the upper body and the lower body cannot be uniformed in overalls, and they must be equipped with appropriate shoes.