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What should I pay attention to when ordering workwear?

Every day, we wear work clothes to work, so long time to ask for work clothes must be, work clothes to build attention to which small series summed up some of their own experience, I hope to be helpful to everyone. polar fleece workwear

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First of all, the overalls should be customized according to the requirements of the enterprise. The tailoring of the uniforms combines the corporate culture, occupation, age, body characteristics and so on.
Secondly, we must consider the various aspects of fabric styles to remind jewelry. The fabric must be selected without the ball to be deformed, and the fabric can be worn for a long time.

Different seasons wear different work clothes, the weather gradually rises and the temperature warms up, the thickness must be well grasped, not only can prevent cold or feel too hot. Springs generally choose long-sleeved overalls, and the colors are selected according to the seasons, reflecting the vitality of spring so that employees like to wear them. The choice of summer overalls should be breathable, with short sleeves and long sleeves for special work. The autumn wind is relatively large, the weather is very cold, and the overalls must choose to have warmth and cold resistance. The color should not be too bright, the winter is very cold, and the choice of overalls should be based on warmth.

In the end, the color of the work clothes should not be too much, and the color should not be too much. The style should be novel and unique with a sense of the times.