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What kind of anti-static overalls should be used for custom fabrics?

Speaking of anti-static spring and autumn equipment, everyone should know some, because some special industries require anti-static work clothes, such as petrochemical industry, electronics industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc., then everyone knows the anti-static spring and autumn fabric production What kinds are there? Work Coverall

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Anti-static spring and autumn clothing types:

1. Utilize the humidity dependence of antistatic effects. Through antistatic finishing, that is, adding a hydrophilic polymer (surfactant) in the spinning, the fabric is easy to absorb moisture in the air, reduce the surface impedance, reduce static electricity accumulation, and release static electricity in time.

2. Use the conductivity of the fiber. An antistatic agent and carbon black particles are added to the fiber raw material to make it into a conductive fiber, and the conductive ability of the fiber or the fabric is improved by a method of blending, cross-linking, interlacing, interlacing or weaving to form an antistatic fabric to realize electric charge. Dissipate to prevent static accumulation.

3. Mixing a certain amount of metal fiber into the fiber to make a blended fabric, which has good stability and is resistant to washing.