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What is Oxford fabric?

Oxford fabric is a new type of fabric with various functions and versatility. At present, there are mainly varieties such as: grid, full-elastic, nylon, and Tige.

Oxford cloth is also called oxford, and polyester polyester-cotton blended yarn is interwoven with cotton yarn, and weft-weave or square-level structure is adopted. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick drying, soft hand feeling, good moisture absorption and comfortable wearing. Oxford spinning is a weaving method of fabrics, which refers to the overlapping order of horizontal and vertical cotton yarns when weaving. Oxford textile fabrics are actually the middle and low grades in shirt fabrics. At present, the chemical fiber Oxford cloth on the market mainly includes: set, full elastic, nylon, Tig and other varieties.

Set of oxford cloth
Specially used in the production of various types of luggage. The plain weave structure of the fabric is interwoven by the water jet loom. After the fabric is treated by relaxation, alkali amount, dyeing, antistatic, coating, etc., it has the advantages of light texture, soft hand feeling, good water resistance and good durability.

Nylon Oxford cloth
It mainly produces anti-mite and rainproof products. It is a plain weave structure, and the product is woven by water jet. After the dyeing and finishing and coating process, the grey fabric has the advantages of soft hand feeling, strong drape, novel style and waterproof performance, and the gloss effect of the cloth mask nylon silk. Because of its high quality and novel color, it is very popular among users.

Full-elastic oxford cloth
The main production bags are made by interweaving the faucet weaving machine with a coarse point change through the hollow structure. After the fabric is loosened and scoured, pre-determined, alkali-reduced, and soft-shaped, the reverse side of the fabric is then rubber-coated. The texture is fine, the gloss is soft, and the water resistance is good.

Tigger Oxford
The main production of various bags using Tigger texture, interwoven on the water jet loom. The fabric has novel design, unique craftsmanship, positive embossing, strong stereoscopic effect, and becomes the most prominent part of the fabric. At the same time, the coating (PU) process is used on the reverse side to make it more waterproof and drapable.
Weft oxford cloth
The main production of various bag weaving processes is made by weaving and weaving. The cloth noodles are clear and combine modernity, artistry and drapability. After dyeing, embossing or calendering, the grey fabric has the advantages of strong drape and good water repellency.