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What effect does anti-radiation workwear take?

Many of us work may be needed to complete, the computer work a day in front of the computer always feel face oily, actually this is the computer radiation. In our modern life, every day more or less exposure to electromagnetic radiation, some industries may contact all the year round, however, because of long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation will harm people's health, so the enterprise will give employee made radiation protection work clothes. So, what kind of customized uniform can call radiation protection work clothes? What industry is suitable for wear?

Radiation protection suits are basically with silver fiber radiation protection fabric or metal fibre blended radiation-proof fabric, reduce or electromagnetic radiation shielding, wave radiation effect of clothing. Anti-radiation work clothes now have a lot of models and brands, but the performance of the anti-radiation work clothes is being questioned: anti-radiation overalls useful?

Radiation protection work clothes and other radiation protection clothing, internal contain metal fiber, can form a shielding net to shielding of electromagnetic radiation, this is all the working principle of radiation protection suits. Careful friends found that regular radiation protection in the neckline, hem and cuff, openning the place such as there are convergent, the electromagnetic radiation has good shielding effect.

Common radiation protection work clothes, a coat and jacket two styles is not for everyone, so radiation protection work clothes suitable for wear what kind of group? Radiation protection suits as a result of the design of style is more formal, professional style, and shielding effectiveness than other types of radiation protection suits to high performance, therefore, radiation protection work clothes is more suitable for communication unit, IT enterprises, scientific research units, hospitals, etc to electromagnetic radiation exposure to more people, especially computer room, control room, special places, such as research and development office. Now, however, there are some daily radiation protection clothing, like pregnant women and children's wear anti-radiation vest, believe in the near future, radiation protection clothing will be more and more popular.