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What are the advantages of cotton overalls?

Overalls, not only the employees wear uniforms, but also represent a company's image and culture. So, what are the advantages of cotton clothes do?


① heat resistance: pure cotton clothes at below 110 ℃ Celsius, the water will evaporate under the fabric and will not damage the fibers. So cotton overalls worn at ambient temperature, use, washing and dyeing clothes and so will not affect the performance.


② Alkaline: cotton fiber in an alkaline solution, no grinding phenomenon, beneficial for clothes washing and disinfection.


③ Insulation: heat transfer coefficient is very low cotton overalls, cotton and have a porous, high flexibility advantages. Therefore, cotton overalls with good insulation.


④ moisture absorption: cotton overalls have good moisture absorption, in a wet environment, work clothes can absorb moisture to the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content of 8-10%, so its performance affinity human skin, soft and not stiff. If the humidity increases, surrounded by high temperature, all the clothes in the water will evaporate, people feel comfortable.


⑤ Security: cotton overalls in cotton fiber is a natural fiber, which is an important component of cellulose, and another a little waxy material and nitrogenous material and pectin on the skin without any stimulation, safe and comfortable to wear.

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