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fishing clothing purchase points

Fishing vest
The fishing vest was originally designed for use by fishermen. It features a large number of small pockets, as there may be many accessories to use when fishing, and some may even have a fishing bag on the back or a rescue suit. Features.vest uniform china supplier

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Waterproof fishing clothing purchase points:
1. Cap pocket. Wear the cap on the head and see if the position of the hood is suitable for the front, back, left and right, and up and down of the face. Is it possible to prevent the intrusion of wind and rain?
2. Shoulders and knees. To choose a three-dimensional tailoring style is to scientifically consider the tailoring of human body movements, without hindering your movements.
3. Look at your majesty. See if it is reinforced or wear-resistant clothing.
4. Zipper. The surface of the zipper should be resin-treated to prevent intrusion of water.
5. Cuffs. The cuffs are made of retractable waterproof material, allowing you to feel comfortable when you pass your cuffs and prevent wind from entering the cuffs.
6. Clothes pendulum. Be sure to choose the function of adjusting the clothes, so that the jacket of the jacket is in close contact with the body to prevent the wind from invading the clothes.
High-quality fishing suits can easily exert advanced performance under severe conditions and use conditions. The high breathability and dryness of the fishing suits enable the fishermen to fully enjoy the comfort.