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Uniform vest custom notes

Today, more and more groups, institutions like to use vest as work clothes, such as: cleaning personnel, traffic police, sanitation personnel, supermarket personnel, volunteers, volunteers, go out to publicize personnel, the use of more and more people, how to order to make suitable work clothes vest? First of all, it is necessary to choose the manufacturer, if you have ready-made style, you can make according to your ready-made style; If you do not have the style, please inform the manufacturer of the detailed requirements of the clothing style, the manufacturer can give you some clothing style pictures for reference, or give you the design of the style pattern that meets your requirements.Mens Work vest uniform

Work clothes waistcoat customizing is generally used in the second layer of composite fabric: by the outer fabric and TPU, PTFE film laminated, the outer fabric using polyester, nylon or brocade polyester blended fabric, feel soft, wear-resisting, tear proof, good color and luster, with excellent waterproof, breathable, windproof effect, long durability. Fabric surface is treated by Teflon anti-splash water treatment.

Appearance quality should be neat in the process of uniform waistcoat customization:

(1) there is no obvious texture defect on the main surface of the garment.

(2) there is no color difference between the main sewing parts of the garment, between the same parts of upper, lower, left and right, and between the upper and lower parts of the garment.

(3) whether the pattern and backward hair direction of clothing fabric are consistent. Whether the main parts of the garment are symmetrical and aligned.

(4) pay attention to the texture of all kinds of accessories and ingredients, such as whether the zipper is smooth, whether the buttons are firm and whether the metal decorative parts are rusted.

(5) whether the surface parts with adhesive linings, such as collar, lapel, bag cover and lapel, are degummed, bubbled or permeated, and whether the coating composite products are bubbled, peeled or delaminated.