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To focus on the new technology of OEM workwear

The international financial crisis has brought to the global clothing industry custom hit, "big" as the characteristics of Chinese clothing custom industry affected more severely. Rising factor costs and sluggish demand for custom-made clothing business has caused tremendous pressure and challenges. But small and medium enterprises of the Chinese custom clothes custom-made clothes industry has not this malaise, custom-made clothes industry enterprises have hard skills, to seek a way out. In this context, Sun Rui Zhe analyzes the many opportunities of custom-made clothes industry faces in his statement.

Over the years, custom-made clothes industry to become the main force to solve the employment problem, custom-made clothes industry exports accounted for about 30% of the national total, and its healthy and sustainable development has a significant impact on the national economy. And from the specific fiber consumption, China accounted for 57% of the world, work clothes custom-made clothing product export accounted for 36% of the world. This set of figures from a side note, the healthy and sustainable development of China clothes custom-made industry has on the global economy should not be underestimated the impact. United Nations Population Division released a research report shows that by 2050, the world population will increase to 9.2 billion, fiber consumption has great potential for growth, with more than a billion people, China clothes custom-made industry will continue to play an important role in this .

Sun Rui Zhe stressed, based on 30 years of development, China is now in the application of technology is very close to the developed countries. Meanwhile, the new industrial revolution brought many benefits to industry custom-made clothes, work clothes custom-made industry and information industry, new materials combine to achieve greater development, the response to this trend, showing cross convergence technology development trend, which means that the material has not only science It extends to a very microscopic level, and increasingly to develop in depth at the macro level. In addition, Big Data and sustainable development has become the trend of technological innovation. These trends are worth of clothes customized attention and industry scientists to follow up with aggressive clothes custom-made entrepreneurs for joint efforts to promote the custom-made clothes industry to grow stronger.

Sun Rui Zhe concluded, custom-made clothes industry has four directions: resources, environment friendly and labor productivity, for fashion guidance. According to these directions, custom overalls showing three major trends in science and technology: technology and intelligent technology combine to achieve the configuration, allocation of resources green innovation elements coming together.

Industry innovation capacity to be strengthened

China clothes custom-made innovation in the industry over the past few years has also made impressive progress, several aspects from Sun Rui Zhe introduction: At present, China's clothing industry has been customized with more than 30 national engineering research centers and key laboratories in basic research, applied science and technology research and industry has made great achievements; a lot of clothes customized engineering enterprises to establish a research center, engineering center, also in the national and industry levels also received many awards, has made great progress in standardization; Patent application ability in the past few years has made great progress, the number of patent applications ranked fourth in the world; there are seven projects won the State Science and technology Award for the past two years; 10 overalls customized enterprise won the State technological innovation Model overalls customized enterprise title; industry increasing the amount of papers published.

These achievements although gratifying, but it can not fully reflect the Chinese custom-made clothes industry innovation. Sun Rui Zhe, said the data show that clothes custom-made total R & D investment in industry accounts for 0.77% of sales, which accounted for only 0.4% fiber, chemical fiber industry R & D investment accounted for 0.94% of sales. This shows that the custom-made clothing industry enterprises to invest in research and development gap between the proportion of the more obvious, the average level from the "custom-made clothing industry," second five "development plan", "some of the benefits of custom clothing custom clothing business R & D expenditures made inside the main business income accounted for proportion increased to more than 3%, "the goal of a fair distance.

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