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Tips for choosing work clothes

1. Workwear custom-made color
Enterprises choose custom-made work clothes to choose the color to match their own corporate style. Each enterprise has its own unique corporate culture. Therefore, enterprises must combine their own corporate concepts when choosing colors. For example, the main color of corporate philosophy is blue. Choose a color similar to blue, so that the overalls can be a manifestation of the corporate philosophy. Men Outdoor Work Suit

Reflective tape with coverall twill functional uniform

2. Customized work clothes need to pay attention to the industry
If a company is engaged in food and beverage, you can choose bright colors, such as white, sky blue, etc. If the company is engaged in the mechanical and hardware industries, then choose a deeper color, such as dark blue, gray and brown. But follow the three-color principle and remember that there are many colors, impurities, and chaos.

3. Customized overalls to choose fabric
The fabric of the overalls should be selected in combination with the industry and the season. If you arrive in the summer, you can choose pure cotton fabric. The cotton fabric is more hygroscopic and breathable. It is the best choice for summer workwear fabrics. If the industry is special, we should choose anti-static and flame retardant fabrics.