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Three Important Features to Look For in Winter Coats

  • Author:Monica
  • Release on:2017-12-20
Purchasing the right winter outerwear in New York City means making sure you can get the best use out of your winter coat or jacket. Make sure to check these three important features of any winter outerwear you’re looking at.

Think about what your winter outerwear will be used for. Trendy, expensive coats are great to impress friends and colleagues, but they may not work the best for insulating from the cold. By contrast, if you need a coat for outdoor use, such as going to functions in the city or to work, or shoveling the driveway, check the casual coats. Casual winter outerwear in New York City should have a greater emphasis on warmth and comfort.


You may think it’s great that a coat or jacket fits almost skin tight on you, but actually, a snug coat may not be the best option at all. The intensity of winter cold can vary a lot, and one coat may not be enough to beat the weather. That’s why you should make sure there’s enough room to wear additional layers underneath, like another shirt or a sweater. You may also be traveling to a location where you don’t need a heavy coat, but could still use a pullover sweater. When you arrive, you can take off the coat but retain what you wear underneath.


This can be easily overlooked, as it’s hard to imagine winter outerwear in New York City without pockets. You may not even think pockets are important. But the fact is, you need pockets as a refuge to shove your hands when they get too cold, even if you’re wearing gloves. You may also require pockets to stick your phone, keys, notes or other personal effects. Look for how many pockets a coat possesses and also how deep they go so they can hold what you want.

Now that you’ve got these three clothing features in mind, you’re ready to make a smart, well informed choice when you go shopping for your New York City winter clothing!