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The textile exhibition for winter 2016

Into 2016, more and more fabric companies feel the grim situation of the industry. After a period of exploration and the global pattern of industry gradually adjust and change, fabric enterprises have a more profound understanding of the transformation and upgrading. From the exhibition site can be seen, many business booth audience hot, negotiate docking can be seen everywhere. With the rising cost of China's manufacturing industry, the traditional advantages of China's textile industry is disappearing, in the global search for complementary partners, open up the whole industry chain, reducing manufacturing costs become more urgent, and therefore get to know more international buyers and Suppliers become a large number of surface materials enterprises one of the goals, and intertextile autumn and winter surface accessories exhibition as the most ideal platform to attract global quality channels and buyers, more and more textile surface materials companies favored by enterprises in transition , Also invariably came here, to seek more breakthroughs.
Italy, Brazil, China Taiwan and other countries and regions of the enterprises have also organized delegations to participate in, the intention is very strong cooperation. Taiwan Textile Industry Association chairman Chen Xiuzhong said that by the global economic environment, the development of Taiwan's spinning industry this year than expected, Taiwan enterprises are also actively adjust and improve the operation. Chen Xiu-Chung suggested that the yarn enterprises in the development of new products in the process, we must understand the needs of the downstream fabric, clothing enterprises to strengthen cooperation in the industrial chain in order to provide effective supply, and intertextile autumn and winter surface accessories exhibition is the ideal platform.
To the international, Baotuan cooperation is not once and for all, Chinese enterprises in the process of moving to the international arena, it is necessary to practice internal strength, enhance the right to speak, therefore, to display corporate image has become the purpose of many enterprises show. Whether it is well-designed special booth or a relatively simple standard booth to show the fabric has become a consensus clothing. In the garden wool booth, the number of garments far more than the fabric, a variety of styles, styles woolen coat shows the infinite possibilities of fabric. From the fabric itself to the presentation, fabric companies are looking for more breakthroughs. For example, Dali silk on the photography of the second creation, in order to develop a series of oriental charm and natural vitality of the fabric products; Ningbo Weiyi high simulation series fur through the development of new materials and the use of new technology, With the simulation products, visual and tactile; Lufeng unique super-hot technology to produce the fabric, washed five times after the effect is still hot to achieve AATCC 124 standard 4 or more. The development of differentiated ideas, different materials, the process of intertwined, the pursuit of functional and environmental protection and technology and fashion blend ... ... More and more enterprises in the continuous practice of internal strength, enhance brand value.
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