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The method of water proof and anti-fouling for workwear?

Food industry is now hot work industry, most people choose in the catering industry, so enterprise engaged in the work must be made to employees work clothes, so can make the staff uniforms, and the effect of waterproof and dirty, so how to choose the method of food service work clothes?
The first method: the skochig waterproof solution with fluorine resin as the main agent. Because its main function is to prevent dirt, use to be used to cause the silk coat of change of quality style because of catharsis.

The second method is to use the spray silicon copper waterproof liquid bought in the market for spraying. When using this kind of waterproof liquid, just spray at the processing place, and then leave it in the shade to dry naturally. Even if the fabric is very rough, it works well with this method, and water droplets fall off the surface of the sprayed fabric. The fabric that has been treated by this method is also difficult to adhere to when eating. This method will not damage the fabric quality style, not only waterproof, but also anti-dirty.

The two methods, it is for catering waiter work clothes can waterproof and dirty effect effectively, maintain clothes commonly used method, solves the common and may not be the law problems in this industry.