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The difference between enterprise work clothes and casual work clothes

When classifying the nature of work clothes, there are two major types of work clothes, one is enterprise work clothes, the other is casual work clothes; then what is the difference between enterprise work clothes and casual work clothes? When we customize work clothes, How to choose?work jacket

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First of all, the fabric. Dressing uniforms are generally 100% wool fabrics, or blended fabrics with a high proportion of wool. This fabric is drape, crisp and breathable, and looks more elegant and elegant. Of course, the price is also relatively expensive.

And the fabrics of casual work clothes should be available, there are nylon, as well as cloth, cotton, such as cashmere work clothes are cotton. There is also silk, it can be said that everything is available.

Second, the color. From the color point of view, the basic characteristics of work clothes are solid color, dark color. The only color, dark. What color is common? Generally, it is mostly blue, brown, and sometimes brown and black, but black uniforms are usually worn as dresses.

Casual wear clothes, the color will be colorful, can be monochrome, or multi-color, and some have plaid or stripes, or sapphire blue, agate red, light blue, coffee, or It is pink, green, purple, and yellow. It is more casual. The dressing uniforms are generally blue, gray, black and other colors, which is the difference in color.

In the company's custom-made work clothes, depending on the industry, there are also differences in choices, such as property, finance, education, and corporate executives, etc. You can choose the company's work clothes to order; and like hotels, beauty salons, or logistics express, you can choose casual workers. Customized service.