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The development of workwear

Workwear,As the name suggests, it is the clothing that workers wear when they work. Of course, labor can be divided into manual labor and mental labor. Therefore, it is divided into workers' overalls and professional wear. As early as the beginning of reform and opening up, our work clothes are very simple in style, which is pure dark blue. Color or dark gray, many companies do not pay special attention to the concept of overalls, only some large enterprises to customize work clothes, most small and medium-sized enterprises are wearing ordinary clothes at work, but with the development of the national economy and the vigorous promotion of reform and opening up The transformation and development of enterprises is becoming more and more rapid. The improvement of corporate culture and the quality of enterprises themselves has become the central competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, the work clothes have been issued, first of all, the development of color, from the original Dark colors develop like bright colors. Today, the color of the overalls is varied. In the market, customers can choose any color matching corporate uniforms. Not only that, but also the custom styles of the overalls are favored by the company. In terms of business, companies are increasingly demanding Special colors to highlight the unique enterprise.

In terms of style, from the original loose fat model to the current slim loose, this is not only a breakthrough in style, it is also a breakthrough in technology. In terms of fabrics, the development of polyester fabrics from the original polyester fabrics to the current polyester-cotton and cotton fabrics also illustrates the improvement of the economy and the improvement of the level.