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The best times for clothing designers

People no longer hoping to wearing a uniform, Same wear with others is trying to avoid in daily life among young people. In a niche brand, the Group's South commoner brand identity of particularly evident.

Different cultural traits, similar life interesting, South commoner "circle" the designer brand ecosystem.

"Now is the designer's best times." Said this time, South commoner brand director Zheng Minjie Group is in Beijing on a business trip, to prepare for the next marketing plan.

"In the past, when South commoner first shop, the market rarely see a similar style of designer stores, but now can be seen everywhere on the streets. These are described as people's living standards improve, pluralistic mass consumption, demand for personalized as well as the quality of life of longing, let them have more clothing consumption for their pursuit. "

People no longer hoping to wearing a uniform, young Zhuangshan one thing in trying to avoid. In a niche brand, the Group's South commoner brand identity of particularly evident. "Design style, wearing tonal, all the way to a look that is known." 85 After Iverson said his favorite is this.

"We want to promote a new clothing fashion, a lifestyle independent value judgments." Case said Zheng Minjie Group menswear brand to sketch "sketch 11 years of development has been spread in this way, if four word for brand identity is the 'contemporary', 'texture', 'interesting', 'elegant', we high-quality fabrics, unique tailoring process, a high degree of compatibility outfit combination of innovative and multi occasion to spread the aesthetic brand to provide consumers with a new perspective of life, joy of wearing pleasure, so that he can truly feel, is not the same self, in order to improve the daily lives of consumers to influence the quality of choice to promote the United States to enhance the life. "

In fact, in the present society of consumption, consumer desire of great expansion, the huge consumption potential male market has gradually emerged, especially in recent years become male beauty and clothing were particularly highlighted new areas of consumption.

In this process, sketches for the type of changes in demand for men designed yet rich enough, the decade between subtly guide consumers to shape themselves, and diversified products to meet consumer demand for the product life of the application.

"When we analyze market segmentation found various subversive and diversity of new male image and concept of life, encourage consumers to traditional male image of reform and innovation, and are more and more sought after by consumers. And such male elite has broad interest, pay attention to lifestyle, and materialistic, life, to product performance, fashion and value in use for the selling point, concerned about lifestyle changes, but also affect the surrounding people's consumption habits . Figuratively, they need a high cost of clothing, they wore matching the occasion and look different. "for this reason, when he sketches in external marketing gives vivid brand image advertising language, and this kinds of feelings through the "simulacrum" presents an idealized living conditions, so that consumers see the "real" life scenes, and encourage consumers to trying to make it become real.

"Every season, the brand continued to product development, marketing, member feedback mechanism to establish communication and interaction with consumers, leading to this 'ideal' came in from the ads real life, to achieve zero distance of the successful transformation. also, for example sketches brand since its inception on the establishment of a customer group portrait system, the 'sketch off'. they span multiple industries, different ages, the formation of diverse lifestyles template represents advanced life interesting by they continued to maintain a high quality and meticulous pursuit of enlightenment, imperceptibly passed on to consumers the brand advocated lifestyle template. "Zheng Minjie said.

In addition, we can see that in recent years, making art space, art exhibitions, sponsors art projects, sketches made artistic range of different types of resources cooperation.

"This is not only to gain a lot of sketches circle resources for brand voice, but also continue to promote the new brand to promote strategic vision of life penetration to diverse brand of cross-border cooperation presents multi-faceted."

Zheng Minjie said that in such cooperation among the brand's focus is to have more ideas to emerge, not just stay in the creative level. It is more to guide the consumer lifestyle, space, diversified product mix and match and rationality presented to the consumer, emphasizing the brand personality and artistic unity.

Especially in September last year, South commoner official residences Group in Beijing organized a concept store, which is a new type of art exhibitions commercial shops, which combines contemporary art market opportunity of rapid development, is committed to the concept of contemporary art into the real life of consumers . This shop is the biggest feature change at any time. Every other cycle will organize an art and business of the new exhibition, showing a different face to match the current new round of consumer upgrades. At the same time the shop will continue to update consumers of goods and services, so that consumers how orientation experience.

Similar art and brand combination move, other companies in recent years, the industry also has no shortage of similar creative space such as art, to experience more and more space.

In Zheng Minjie opinion, with the rapid development of the domestic market, as well as the presence of many foreign brands, consumers have become more focused on health, lifestyle experience. In such an environment, the arts resources and commercial brands combined advantage is more obvious.

Art industry in the development process need to raise public awareness of the arts, business and brand in the operation of the process also need to update the carrier propaganda. And driven by the market regulator, the art industry can target a wider audience, while the commercial platform artistic point of view into the brand advocated lifestyle, alternative advertising should influence consumers. The former for the latter to provide a more active factor, the latter for the former promotion and dissemination of widening of the base to form a mutually reinforcing relationship between supply and demand, as long as the two sides to achieve together, we can combine countless possibilities.

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