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The beautiful future of China clothing manufacturing

Sewing machine power strategy has been hot release, the vision is more bright, more powerful road. Now, the target has been clear, detailed, so that we really feel the power of the sewing machine in 2025 will be what a beautiful scene.

Industrial scale (output value, production, the number of production enterprises, etc.) ranked first in the world; the establishment of R & D, advanced manufacturing, trade, services, including modern sewing machinery industry system.

Enterprise structure optimization, the formation of more than 5-10 leading multinational companies, more than 30 "special fine special" small and medium-sized backbone enterprises and more than 100 strong processing strength of the parts and components of the core business team; The former 20 key enterprises accounted for more than 50% of the total volume of enterprises above designated size in the industry. The industrial system is perfect, and a complete sewing equipment industry is set up to cover the sewing demand before sewing, sewing, sewing and special industries. chain.

Manufacturing and technology level with the industry-leading international, product quality of the physical reached the international advanced level, the emergence of 5-10 internationally renowned brands; value-added products, sales margins, such as continuous improvement, labor productivity per capita to Germany and Japan the backbone of the average level of enterprises. Among them: the industry average annual growth rate of industrial added value reached 10-15%; industry average labor productivity of 600,000 yuan / year; backbone enterprise sales profit margin of not less than 10-15%.

With a sound, sustainable development of the industry science and technology innovation system, scientific research personnel rich, master the core technology, developed a large number of independent intellectual property rights and leading international technology development trend of new products; technological innovation, management innovation, model innovation and play active International leading role; green manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection reached the international advanced level. Of which: backbone enterprises R & D investment accounted for an average of 5%; large-scale enterprises per billion main business income of the number of effective invention patents not less than 1; the formation of national technology center strength of enterprise technology centers, research institutes or research Not less than 5.

Construction and widely used in robot manufacturing is characterized by intelligent, unmanned chassis, rotary hook and other key parts and components production lines, green manufacturing, intelligent production, greatly enhance the manufacturing efficiency; equipment and technology reached the international advanced level, high-precision High precision, high-precision special parts and components manufacturing fully domestic; new technologies, new materials, new technology, new equipment, such as extensive and in-depth application of the processing equipment, machining centers, intelligent robots and other processing equipment accounted for the proportion of 60%.

And promote the integration of the two, the full realization of design information, digital products and production intelligence; built on the Internet of Things and covering clothing, leather and other related industries intelligent, less people sewing production line; sewing equipment in intelligent research and development, Systematic solutions, intelligent sewing plant construction in the international forefront, leading the international trend.

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