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The advantages of environmental protection workwear

First of all, environmental protection work is environmentally friendly in the process of production. Is adopted by the environmental protection work clothes is natural fiber fabric, the fabric production is natural, not of chemical fiber and through a variety of chemical pigment synthesis, this determines the superior production is natural. And the work clothes are usually printed on the work clothes, and there are strict limits on the composition of this printing. From the limits of toxic substances to the limits of chemical composition to physical constraints, there are strict limits. This determines the textile industry in the selection of material is more scientific and reasonable, not harmful to human body material, on the recycling, is also the beginning of a virtuous circle. Starting from the source of environmental protection, and then recycling until later, it made a process, is in the green, environmental protection concept, then any link, is environmentally friendly.

Second, the green work clothes are eventually worn by workers. The green overalls are more comfortable and relaxed than previous work clothes, and have a sense of return to nature. According to the fabric, the protective clothing is also more beneficial to protect the health of the human body, so as to protect people from toxic substances. Compared with previous work clothes or other chemical synthesis of chemical fiber fabrics coveralls, environmental protection work clothes USES most of the fabrics are cotton, hemp, silk, leather fabric, such as, and also developed a kind of international anti-inflammatory, disinfection, ultraviolet ray, deodorization, radiation-proof fabric, more conducive to the health of human body. Fabrics, not only in the design and color, it also more environmental protection, to design style, small to a few small details, such as zippers, buttons, etc, on the design of a more natural, let a person is getting closer and closer to nature, more natural fit

Once again, the green work clothes will be used after the wear. From raw material for environmental protection work clothes in, to the production, a series of links are environmental protection, human, so, even if finally, environmental protection work clothes to the recycling, or processing link, also won't produce what harm to social or natural and pollution. Than before work clothes on recycling, can only burn, against atmospheric pollution, because before work clothes fabric is chemical synthesis, the inside of the toxic substances far beyond the standard, so, in dealing with improper will cause secondary pollution. And the green overalls don't.

Environmental protection not only on the source of material selection, style design, environmental protection green pollution-free, and there is no harm to human body, even on the processing of late won't produce secondary pollution.

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