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Style of overalls

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-27
Overall simply clumsy, such as ONLY khaki overalls or denim or corduroy, hard texture, with most dementia style, coupled with simple T-shirt will certainly handsome. 

Men's overall

As mentioned above, it can also be ornate cargo pants, such as several new VERO MODA, plus several large pockets in the ordinary overalls, decorative bow or floral embroidery. Either one-piece or low waist, hip a little close, legs began to relax, the wide trousers mouth flanging. Delicate willowy woman's body wrapped in a large overalls, between Ruoyouruowu, bring out the casual elegance. That walk in the wind compared to the feeling of sound crashed denim overalls, a century ago, really different. Do not love is the movement of people, also will buy bags of these elements with the original motion does not take the world's most popular cargo pants, pleated trim and silk have been boldly added, the release of fresh and elegant French woman artistically, direct people think of "Sex and the city" Lixialuote temperament appearance, simple and elegant Baotou comb hair, wearing tight under the wide piece dress can exude impeccable taste and upbringing.

In texture, cargo pants style with bold outline as a selling point, just choose light-colored or soft material, will become moderate, so accepted by anyone. In the color white overalls can create fresh and bright new image, although mostly pants overalls khaki or brown line the main, but not completely white. The overalls to wear clothing with the greatest charm is the most important. Because no means stiff overalls boring, it is important to see how you match! Khaki T-shirt, the inner sleeve white long-sleeved shirt, under a red cotton overalls, dark lines are tired of overwhelming men try a bright red; soft tone is set tooling dress khaki chest block stains like paint khaki shirt, black cotton overalls, boots, which is equipped with high collar sweater; khaki and denim with a very good, is tooling style clothing indispensable element. The most rebellious, but definitely worth a try method is to wear: coveralls overalls in the upper body bare, no extra clothes.

To buy overalls

To buy overalls tips: both sides of the pocket to be large and flat is the best type, you can make a small derriere; shallow low-waist design as the basic element. Package hip smaller area, it will naturally shrink Taitun effect of the hip; border designs so hip will not be too flat; drape cut lines. Straight cut lines will not give a sense of excess fat.

Overalls with masculinity, but also can easily complete the power of fantasy for women.