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Style of cargo jackets

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-28
A jacket. Lapel, double-breasted, with more dark button or zipper. Both men and women can wear the jacket in general. Modern life jacket is the most common form of clothing,because of its shape light, lively, vibrant, so loved by the majority of young men and women. Popularity began in the 1980s. 

Jacket, is called Jack's from the Middle Ages man wearing denim jacket made evolved. 15th century Jack drums out of the sleeve, but this is a decorative sleeve, arms do not pass through it, Dala on clothes. In 16th century, under the dress than the man Jack length, tied up with tape, folds formed around the body, into the 20th century, men's jackets from the stomach down buttons is open cuffs with decorative buckle, hem pleats to the superior gluteal portion fixed with buttons.

Style division
1, quilted jacket
Dark blue short paragraph, a small collar jacket is simple and stylish, quilted padded by design did not significantly thick, plaid trousers, to create a British style taste.

2, casual jacket:
Nylon jacket is traveling must-have item, soft and comfortable to wear, easy to carry. This map pattern JACKET quite creative, with a combination of warm colors to highlight relaxed, comfortable way of life. 

3, lapel jacket:
With large lapel zipper jacket also has a uniform style, also called Harley motorcycle jacket rock jacket. Neckline is the key design aspects covered button or zipper means you can always add warm fur collar, but also ruffled collar on demand, or with a scarf, wind and warm. 

4, Knight jacket:
Emphasizes broad shoulders waist line racing jacket features stand-up collar, mostly bright main season, quilted zipper and shoulders also do decorative full. Pride and uniform wind compared to more volatile on Image.