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Style Solutions: what to wear for a summer of sports

  • Author:Rail
  • Release on:2016-07-19

Presenter: ‘It’s 8am. There’s a gale blowing and a tropical storm on the horizon that will last until lunch. But by 3pm it’ll be 28C and the pavements will be steaming. Your day includes two train journeys, three meetings and an annual performance review – and it’s your turn to pick up the kids. What do you wear? You have four minutes!’

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are one idea that might help you get round this whole business of dressing for summer. 

Let your accessories do the work 

White, metallic and tan shoes and bags can be the lazy girl’s way to mark the season. If pom-poms are your thing, go for it. Or try a brightly coloured suede slipper. Whether you’re a gold or silver jewellery wearer, pile on more – metallics and gems catch the light and enhance a tan, should you have been lucky enough to have left the country. Hoop earrings are a byword for summer. Go wild with your sunglasses.

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