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Standards for High Visibility Apparel in Work Place

High visibility work wear is essential apparel for construction and maintenance workers. Moreover, this kind of clothing is also evolving in being used by the common individual in day-to-day activities, such as cycling, motor biking and horseback riding. For example, high visibility work wear is used by children as they are walking or crossing the streets.

High visibility clothing is available in intermediate protection and high protection. Intermediate protection standards cover clothing items with 2 to 5 cm bands of fluorescent material, 2 to 13 cm bands of retro reflective material. High protection standard clothing covers two bands measuring 8 cm of fluorescent material and two bands measuring 20 cm of retro reflective material.

It has become a certain necessity, as it provides enduring protection and safety. Of course, it needs to be visible, for in its visibility, an individual’s safety is secured. How does it work? The answer is by being seen, vehicles are able to avoid people, especially children, who are crossing the street. Also, co-workers are able to identify each other and prevent accidents caused by being oblivious.

High protection items are suitable for high injury risk work areas. High visibility safety work wear is also suitable during long bike trips, when visibility is smaller and the risk of accidents or injury is larger.

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