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Spring Festival

  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Release on:2017-01-21
        The Spring Festival is coming again, it is the most import traditional festival. I will shortly introduce it to  you all, hope you could achieve something from below introduction.

        The first day of first lunar month is the Spring Festival, commonly known as "New Year, Danian, Guo Danian." It is an age- old traditional festival, and the most grand and lively festivity among the Chinese people.Spring festival has a long history,which originated in the Shang dynasty.

        Spring Festival is coming, it means spring is coming, and vegetation recovery updates, new round of sowing and harvesting season is beginning.

        For thousands of years, people make new year's custom celebration more colorful. Lunar month every year from 23rd to the year 30, this period of time called "Spring Day" in civil, also called "Sweep Day", in sweeping the dust cleaning before the Spring Festival, is the tradition of our people.