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Softness:The keypoint of comfortable

Consumers seeking fashion are gradually changing their shopping habits in recent years. They no longer focus on the "appearance" of their products, and the comfort of their clothes is also the focus of their consideration. Whether the clothes are comfortable, the softness of the textile is the key factor. In fact, softness is an indispensable prerequisite for comfortable clothing. Consumers only feel the softness of fabric, will decide to buy. But judgments about softness often vary from person to person, depending on how the skin feels when it comes in contact with textiles.

The product manager for Lenzing Modal said they found apparel brands and retailers increasingly focused on softness as an important factor in comfortable clothing. Lenzing Modal is the softest fiber in all of our fiber products, and its softness is obvious. However, more and more customers require us to provide measurement data, from the physical point of view of our fiber flexibility. Customers want to have physical measurement data to verify the consumer's personal feelings, so intuitive to impress consumers, prompting them to make a purchase decision.

Lenzing has developed a new method to redefine the softness of textiles. Using Emtec Electronic softness meter, combined with the famous ring test method, you can see the textiles in the Lenzing Modal the higher the fiber content, feel the more soft. The test results show that the ultra-fine denier modal is the softest of all the tested fibers. Mommer said: This test can immediately show containing Lenzing Modal fabric softness, to help consumers feel better when buying soft.

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