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Skills of wearing workwear

Color dress with stress in the workplace, not only to pay attention to style and material, color is also very important. Of course, not only the work of black, white and gray color shift over and over again, they do not wearies, my colleagues have suffocated appropriately selecting the appropriate color according to the work, not only to maintain their good mood on the surrounding environment It can also play a regulatory role that wonderful.
 Orange overalls Custom
    Department's representative also warm color, orange is vibrant color. Want to pay attention to diet MM slightly, Orange has evoked the role of appetite, but it is also representative of healthy color, young OL wear it not only seemed to fade, but also contains a mature and well-meaning.
Yellow overalls Custom
   Is all the more healthy and bright, yellow is the symbol of a healthy color. Because it is the most easily absorbed spectrum of colors. Has a peculiar dual function, it showed a positive effect on the health of those emotional stability, increase appetite, for a more relaxed and lively atmosphere in the workplace dress. This will add to the bad feelings, but the yellow negative effect on mood is depressed, cynics. When the recent heavy workload, low morale when we are in a relatively large pressure, emotional irritability and even irritability, better not choose yellow.
Green overalls Custom
   In addition to calm nerves, reduce intraocular pressure, relieve eye fatigue, and other well-known role of green people feel stable and comfortable colors. Natural green also syncope, fatigue, nausea, and negative emotions have a soothing effect. But keep in mind for a long time in the green environment, easy to make people feel lonely, secretion of gastric juice, loss of appetite, so not only for the eye and fill the room with a green plaid you oh.
Custom blue overalls
   On the other hand, it gives rise to a blue color reverie. Color is quite serious. Light or dark blue are regulate nerve, sedative effect, it seems fair complexion, light blue Chende gentle and young people, the dark blue can be very elegant and dignified. Because it can alleviate motion sickness, check cashing symptoms of seasickness. However, persons with mental weakness, depression, sick people should not contact with the blue, blue lights in the treatment of insomnia, lower blood pressure and prevent colds can play a role. Some people choose to wear blue glasses travel. Otherwise it will be worse.
 Wear purple
   A slightly melancholy kind of color, noble and mysterious colors. People can not bear to forget. On behalf of the authority, prestige, profound and spiritual, women wearing purple generally giving the impression of elegance, elegance, charm, mystery, impressive, but mismatches can cause negative effects of pride and oppressive. Purple or reflect creativity and good ideas, if your industry rely on inspiration and survival, you may wish to purchase a few pieces of purple attire.

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