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Skiils of drying clothes

With today's social and economic progress and development, the uniform popularization also more and more widely, the demands of all walks of life are working clothes, such as food, cosmetic, industrial manufacturing, etc. Work clothes is not just employees work in a clothing, it is also the representative of the enterprise image. Therefore, the uniform washing and maintenance also appears especially important.

Like ordinary clothes, work clothes washing drying way related to their own fabric. In order to prolong the service life of overalls, we need according to the uniform fabric content, adopt scientific and effective way of washing. Such as wool, silk, wool fabric made of clothing, if long time to dry in the sun is easy to turn yellow, easy to shorten the service life of overalls. This part of the fabric production work clothes, can be in the shade of a tree, or dry in ventilation places without sunlight.

And some special customized uniform, are not as easy as chemical fiber fabrics clothes dry naturally, so dehydrated usually need to dry in ventilated place, sun helped to dry clothes.

In addition, the uniform drying was affected by the climate, individual fabrics production work clothes can't dry, had better choose clear dry, damaged as far as possible to avoid the uniform fabrics don't blindly washing.

As the saying goes: the right way, and time in vain. Wash air basks in overalls with scientific methods, its power to avoid damage, play a greater value.

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