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Several points of work clothing design

1, professional. The principle of overalls design is first and foremost targeted: for different industries, different companies in the same industry, different positions in the same enterprise, different positions in the same position, gender, and so on. Targeted design points differently why people wear, wear time, wear place, why wear, wear what. customize long sleeve workwear

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2. Economical. Except for a few expensive work clothes, such as specific ceremonial clothes. Outside of special clothing, most require it to have a reasonable price-performance ratio, that is, the fabric grade selected for the design. Style complexity. Compared with the difficulty in craft production.

3. Aesthetics. The aesthetics of work clothes are determined by the commonality of the spirituality of clothing. Work clothes are made for easy work. The aesthetic process is especially important.

4. Functionality. Work clothes can be selected according to their own company style fabrics such as: construction companies, should wear wear-resistant fabrics; electronic companies, should use anti-static fabrics. When the overalls are tailored, the fabric should be selected and the clothing suitable for the company should be selected to achieve the best practicality