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Sarah's Children's Day

Children's Day's is coming.Children will be very happy on Children's Day.Sarah's school is going to have a match on Children's Day.

She is going to the West Lake on Children's Day. Yesterday was  Children's Day .Sarah went to the funfair with her cousin.They saw elephants.they are very big. They aet food with their noses.Then,they saw some tigers  climbing the tree,they climb very fast.They are so cutethat they couldn't go.After that,they played merry-go-round and had a side.It was really interesting. 
During the Children's Days when we were young, we sometimes were taken out by parents, or we young kids went together by ourselves, running to the very places with lots of fun and buying plenty of things for a whole day. If my parents took me to, I would choose climbing hills as i loved to.we usually chose to climbing tall ones,because it would be so meaningful.some would like to invite friends home to have a party to celebrate the Children's Day. 

Anyhow, it was fun each time. It was quite fun to have Children's Day! If you want to know more about China workwear uniform, please browse our website: