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Safety services to develop the elements that need to be understood

There are many kinds of fabrics for work clothes, such as polyester-cotton fine twill, cotton fine twill, washed and sanded, and so on.
Different industries, the custom fabrics of work clothes will be different, according to different industries to choose fabrics.
For ordinary industries, polyester-cotton overalls are generally chosen because polyester and cotton have good elasticity and wear resistance under dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, and are straight, not wrinkled, easy to wash, and quick-drying. Features. Mens Twill Work Pants bib overalls

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2. Color
The color has a strong visual impression on people. The color of the overalls should be determined according to different working conditions and the preferences of the employees. The color chosen should make the employees feel comfortable and have the impulse to work, instead of seeing the color of the overalls. A dull feeling.
Some industries require dark overalls, and some industries require bright colors. Choosing the right color according to different industries is not only the work clothes are resistant to dirt, but also the motivation of employees.

3. Style
Summer work clothes are available in a variety of styles, and different workplaces have different styles, especially for necklines, cuffs, pockets, and hem.
Different industries need to do different designs, some need loose type, some need to be self-cultivation type, some need jacket type, some need straight type and so on.