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Reflective strip working principle and purpose

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on :2018-01-29
Reflective strip working principle and purpose

A reflective strip may be embedded on an object to enhance the ability of the object to be illuminated by light in the night or in the dark and the object is formed with a first embedded portion. The reflective strip includes a reflective element and a protective element. The reflective element Which is a component capable of adding a reflective marking effect. The protecting part has a receiving part and a second inserting part connected with the receiving part, the receiving part receives the reflecting member, and the second inserting part Can be correspondingly embedded in the first insertion portion, which not only can be easily placed on the object, but also without the use of tools can be detachably connected to the object, and can easily replace the new reflective strip, providing an easy to replace and Reflective strip with a wide range of industrial uses. Reflective strip is a very common safety equipment that reflects ambient light at night, giving some warning to passers-by and drivers.
Reflective strip according to the material can be divided into: reflective webbing, reflective lattice, reflective fabric reflective strip, etc., are widely used in reflective vests, reflective overalls, labor insurance clothing, bags, shoes, umbrellas, raincoats and so on.
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