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Reflective safety t-shirts give you different sense of security

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-07-29
When we think that black and white ash is the most fashion style for t-shirts, the new high visibility T-shirt has come to our side quietly .High visual warning T-shirt USES large eye-catching fluorescent color as the mass-tone attune of the dress. During the day time the high visibility T-shirt can actively attract the attention of passing motorists and hidden from distance. All this is due to give the driver more time to take measures to avoid, thereby reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents.
Night running is a new popular sports around the office workers,but you'd better pay more attention when you go outside for night running.

First,the time for night running. Generally it's more appropriate to start half an hour after dinner, you must know it's uncomfortable if you do sports after eating, and half an hour we can do some warm-up exercise at home, and conducive to digestion, run after go home take a bath rest, and conducive to sleep. 

Then,the equipments for night running,security is the most important thing in day and night running. Sometimes you might want to quiet night running, so choose a few more secluded path, but also easy to get some people who don't have all given so suggest you choose one more some of the road, of course, these places more than car, with night vision is not good, night running high reflective armband or visual warning T-shirt is very be necessary.

When it comes to equipment, also see you asked a series of problems in many places, there is focus on the way, you can wear some fluorescent bracelets armband, high visual warning T-shirt, these are completely because of security concerns.