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Reflective Safety Vests Pass Security

Recently, the bus company organized drivers to Electronic City cleaning staff sent a reflective vest and fruit, in the form of an informal discussion to remind winter job cleaning staff must pay attention to their own safety. Cleaning staff were also very grateful to the bus people care and love. Recently, a bus company launched the "Care cleaners, bus safety hand sanitation" activities, organized with the driver 5 fruits and reflective vest care cleaning company cleaning staff. The scene presented to the cleaners reflective vests, drivers and cleaners are also on security issues freely. "When the job on the road, remember to use a tricycle or reflective barrels good protection," and "there is traffic road cleaning vehicle, be sure to observe the clear, it is best not to swerve to avoid the driver a chance to react." "" The face of the driver members were told security, cleaning staff very happy to say: "thank you very much public concern and caring person that I have received today is not only a reflective vest, there is also a safety exhortations.." to protect the safety of the cleaning staff, bus the company also owned the line along its cleaning staff working hours, sections, regional characteristics of the Mo Pai, and to develop safe and prompt identification Fig. According to each line safety tips, the line has been the driver at the time of cleaning staff working sections need please slow down, be careful avoidance, active comity cleaners.

Duty patrol who wore reflective vests to wear reflective vests, patrol officers walking in the street at night the heart does not panic. November 5, Ukrainian community service center in your self-financing, to the area of ​​9 100 neighborhood patrol duty issued reflective vests. Reflective vests black bottom, inlaid with fluorescent green, front and rear made from reflective material made of reflective vests printed with black patrol your words. Wear reflective vests who patrol duty at night walking on the road more conspicuous, so that passers-by at a glance that they are doing, but also to deter criminal behavior, but also to remind the escape vehicle, to patrol We have more sense of security.

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