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Quick devolopment single garment industry

For the past 30 years, the pace of economic globalization to promote the rapid extension of a wide range of imagination. Economic globalization has brought a variety of economic factors, such as capital, information, resources, products, and other related factors, such as the cross-border mobility of people, technology and ideas that significantly supported the integration and the rapid growth of the world economy. Global Strategist, known researcher of the Brookings Institute Connor in "super map" book that globalization shall enter a new golden age. In the global village, the life of the people, country operations are inseparable from globalization, to imagine, to return to the isolated old road. Problems such as unbalanced development between countries and the growing global financial risk, on the other hand also aroused the concern of the international community. Globalization encourages competition and performance, but also increases the concentration of wealth in a few countries or interest groups, which led to the expansion of inequality. Developing countries in the economic globalization are mixed: some countries (emerging economies represented by the BRIC countries) a long time wandering around in the middle and lower reaches of the global value chain across the world economic Division of labour input; some of the less developed countries are due to lack of technology, transport and other benefits, and has not been included in the global value chain, the "forgotten corner." Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, the global protectionism, a tendency to rise within the care, the multilateral trading system was hit by, in particular, the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU, Trump was elected President of the United States and other "Black Swan" will push globalization to the intersection. Experts believe that only support the global economic recovery and imbalance in the field of economic growth and inequality, economic globalization can go along the way of health. China is "all the way" initiative to help resolve the problems faced by economic globalization

"The road" match its own rights of international economic development and actively adapt to the new trend of global economic cooperation, access to a wide range of international consensus. The former President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Akayev gave, stressed that "all the way down the road" on the basis of reciprocity from all participating countries is a new model of international relations and world trade, globalization will be a fair and full of humanity. "If there is no guarantee the infrastructure of roads and communications, it is very difficult to integrate into global production activities," through "can provide the interface for the poor and underdeveloped areas, to integrate into the globalization." said Huang Wei, Director of the Office for the global research management at the Institute of world economics and politics, Chinese Academy of social sciences. Currently, more than 100 countries and international organizations have been involved in the construction of "all the way along the way". More than 30 countries along the line have signed cooperation agreements with China and more than 20 countries by the international capacity of cooperation with China. , The Silk Road, as a representative of the deepening of financial cooperation, a number of influential landmark projects gradually landed. With the development of emerging economies, and the right to speak in China will be a new wave of globalization, including the development of balanced for essence. Powered by link infrastructure, national economic and commercial and industrial investment cooperation on route ', all the way along the road "has gained a new impetus and new points of economic growth. In 2015 the volume of bilateral trade between China and "along the line" crossed the $1 trillion, and the direct investment of Chinese enterprises in countries on the route was nearly 15 billion u.s. dollars. The United Nations believes that China is promoting a "way" of the sustainable development agenda of the UNITED NATIONS by 2030, one of the most important support, expect China to play a large role in global development. Ostrovsky, Deputy Director of the far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, pointed out that to promote the economic development in support of the integration of the political and social fields, "on the road" will bring about economic globalization and opportunities for healthy development.
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