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Property company uniform management regulations

Property company uniform management regulations
First, the purpose
    To standardize the property company staff uniform management, establish the company's image, specially formulated the provisions.
Second, the scope of application
    This provision applies to all employees of the property company.
Third, the responsibility
    1, the administrative personnel department is responsible for uniform budget, style selection, registration book, acceptance, custody, payment, depreciation, refund registration, at the same time responsible for spot checks of staff uniforms dress.
    2, the department manager is responsible for the implementation, inspection, supervision of the staff of the department uniforms dress.
    3, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for staff uniforms damaged, lost, scrap when the uniforms depreciation settlement.
    4, employees have care and proper custody of the company's uniform responsibility and obligations.
Fourth, uniform configuration
    1, the company for each employee configuration winter, summer uniforms of the two sets.
    2, uniforms for a period of two years. The use of the expiration of two months before the expiry of the administrative staff as a result of the degree of damage to the production of discarded or extended the use of the views of the approved by the company after the implementation of the leadership.
    3, the administrative personnel in April to complete the summer production, in October to complete the production of winter. Each department shall apply in writing to the administrative personnel department if it is necessary to temporarily add uniforms.
Fifth, wear requirements
    1, the staff should be uniform in accordance with the provisions of the company uniforms to work, early or on time to the post
    2, employees are not free to change the style of uniform and wearing methods.
    3, uniforms should be kept clean, tidy, no damage, not rolled up trousers.
    4, male employees should wear shirts, tie; female staff wearing skirts, should wear fleshy transparent stockings, stockings socks can not be exposed in the skirt outside, and no damage.

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