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Printing and Dyeing in Workwear manufacturer

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-10-28
Nowadays most companies want to have their own unique corporate identity in their workwears, so that corporate image from the stereotypical dress stand out, it will require printing or embroidered word process. So what uniform printing process? Today let's talk about some widely used way in printing and dyeing.

First, the whole printing overalls: whole body is divided into printed cloth, cut pieces of printing and tailor printing three categories. During which the tailor should be selected all over the printing of the production of uniforms, usually very little of this whole body printing, unless it is doing costumes and so on.

Second, part of the printing overalls: mainly in the predecessor, back, before the left upper chest, cuffs, after the collar poor. Part of the printing uniforms accounted for more than 70% of the total amount of work clothes. Most of the companies or companies will be printed in these parts LOGO, both prominent and beautiful.

Third, the heat-ink printing: all kinds of fabrics are suitable, is the most promising work clothes printing ink, because it is suitable for selection of leading computer depiction, adapted to the choice of modern active production, symbol of modern science and technology trends.

Fourth, water-based pigment printing: usually white overalls printing is the choice of water-based printing.

Sixth, moving printing summer uniform: There are hot-melt adhesive and de-inking two.

Seventh, the mortar printing: for dyeing uniform garment printing, usually a large area of ​​printing.

Eighth, special processing technology: such as anti-dye printing, discharge printing and batik, tie-dyed overalls.

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