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Personal Protection High-Visibility Apparel

High-visibility apparel or hi vis as they're known colloquially, are mandatory in many types of working conditions. They are used as personal protection in jobs that require the wearer to be visible under conditions of darkness, low light, fog, rain or snow. They may be either completely reflective or have special reflective strips which render them visible when a light-source approaches them and others can distinguish that a human being is present.

And while garnering its safety benefits, high visibility work wear is also a sign of authority. Bearers of these garments provide the ability to also secure their work ranks or professions, such as being a policeman or a security guard. It is an easy way to spot these people, and you are able to easily address them with your concerns and distresses. Nothing can symbolize authority and safety like wearing high visibility clothing.

The other variant is high-visibility clothing suited for daytime applications. This type is made of fabric that has fluorescent properties which make the wearer visible from a distance, setting them apart from the general public as in the case of the police, fire-fighters, health and safety professionals, visually or hearing impaired pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, mine-workers, hunters, hikers, climbers, tow-truck workers, road-workers and life-guards, coast-guards and other marine professionals.

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