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Overalls on pollution problems should be how to solve?

As the weather heats up, the weather is becoming more and more hot, there is less clothing worn by the people, and people are gradually began to wear light color series work clothes, for brunet series work clothes easy absorption of heat. So the question comes, because wear light color series work clothes, a bit not careful it is easy to be infected with besmirch, this brings a lot of trouble.
1, food stains: coffee, one thousand splashs a body to is a very headache thing. And deeper food pigment such as tortoise lingya paste, soy sauce, juice and so on with the white clothes, is bad. If the stain is a light only needs to be immersed in a solution of soap or detergent clean clothes, if heavy stains of the need to sprinkle a little glycerin inside the egg yolk, the daub after mixed in smear, leave to dry and then clean with soap and hot water coffee stains can be removed.
2, placed too long not to wear clothes or clothes there will be long long stored in humid environment "mould". Clothes were the mould after dyeing can not only taste is bad and ugly, so we need to rid of these spots, alcohol solution mixing method is to use soap, gently wipe the clothing long spot, the concentration of about 2%, with 3% 5% concentration of hydrogen peroxide or sodium chlorate wipe again, finally with the normal process of washing to dry.
3, lipstick stains: for the lipstick on the clothes wear out loud what's good about that, if it is dark clothes may not see, if it is a white shirt or other this lighter clothing that is not good-looking, soaked with gasoline, then scrub with soap and water, wash and completed, the normal procedure lipstick stains on the clothes will disappear.
How to do with clothes with perspiration have macular? The hot weather makes people often kubla khah dripping wet, and a long time on clothes is easy to appear "macular", then how to do with this kind of clothes to be dyed? Only need to have be soiled clothes soaked in 5% salt water for about an hour, and then rub with the hand, after washing to dry clothes can reply were white.
5 new overalls, generally there is more or less will fade problem, had better add a little salt in the water, when washing the clothes first soaking in solution after 10-15 minutes then wash, can reduce the fade phenomenon.
6, white yellow socks: for the first time wearing white and white socks, and through the foot bottom will be yellow after a few times can't wash, you only need to first before each washing with detergent solution soak for 30 minutes for normal washing process.
7, shading, white clothes to wear longer possible shading, when this happens the first 1 catty about water boil, add mashed fresh ginger two, then pour boiling solution into garment cooling in the basin, clothing in about 10 minutes later after repeatedly rub, shading can destroy.
8, chewing gum, stepped on chewing gum is not terrible, if the glue to the clothes to let many people puzzled, teach you a recruit. Ash on the leaching with cotton cloth or towel first, and then use it to scrub the stains, so repeated several times to wipe can be removed.