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Origin of nurse uniforms

Special overalls nurse is what we usually say nurse uniforms originated in the 9th century, when there are "nuns should wear uniforms and masks should be" (later renamed the hat) provisions. Today nurse cap is thus evolved, it symbolizes the "humble service of mankind." Far in AD 330, the work is mainly performed by nurses monastery Prioress, it is "a religious school care," he said. Nursing uniform was regarded as one of religious activities, the monks have not received formal training nurses, personal experience alone and dedication. In addition to work in nursing was Prioress, the nobility mostly women, who have a wealth of knowledge, noble character and dedication of service, therefore, high nursing position, at this stage was seen as the golden age of nursing .


But the real nurse clothing should be made starting at Nightingale era, that is, the beginning of the 1860s the advent of nurses uniforms. When Nightingale first nurse clothing in order to "clean, tidy and facilitates cleaning" principle. Although the style is different, but also similar. Thereafter, nursing schools around the world are imitation of the line. As many US nursing school clothing different characteristics, different styles, and require registration in the government, are not allowed to imitate each other, and the provisions allowed the nurse uniforms or go out to the streets and so on. European restrictions on nurse uniforms are loose much wider.

Early 20th century, another nurse appeared in China. Later, with the development of society and the changes of color and style also continue to improve. Because the traditional white nurse costume, and our social customs do not yet white, white to avoid for the people, so that the selected color has become a major problem initially nurse. Thus, the female nurses to pink dress, male nursing students in blue gown. Was still popular braids, tie a red ribbon on the hair of female nurses, the idea is very chic. Sichuan and other provinces practices to wearing white mourning is, therefore, a nurse wearing a hat a lot of opposition find it difficult to unify. After the 1920s, with the break stereotypes, nurse cap is assigned to the noble sense, such as hats representatives of professional nurses, a symbol of health and happiness, etc., after the nurse hat wearing become a routine, but only registered nurses to wear nurse cap, do qualify for the patient care. But for male nurses, the nurses do not wear hats can be worn. At that time, around the nursing school of clothing because different customs, different difficult climate agreement. But the nurse costume design style but had to solemn, serious mainly because the nursing profession in China still do not know much about people, such as dress weird, funny bound to arouse public discussion with contempt. Therefore, the nurse costume to reflect not only beautiful, generous, clean, fit, should show more important position and calm and peaceful temperament nurses.