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Notice point of anti-static workwear uniform

1, anti-static clothing should be kept clean, to maintain anti-static performance, after use with a soft brush, soft cloth dipped in a neutral detergent scrub, can not damage the service fiber.

2, wear anti-static clothing, it should also be used with anti-static shoes, while the ground should be conductive flooring.

3, wear for some time, the anti-static clothing should be tested, if the electrostatic performance does not meet the standard requirements, you can no longer use anti-static uniforms

4, where in normal circumstances, the explosive gas mixture in a row, a short time frequent or long-standing places and explosive gas mixture may occur in the place, the minimum ignition energy of combustible material below 0.25 mJ should wear With anti-static clothing.

5, prohibited in the flammable and explosive places wear anti-static clothing.

6, prohibit the addition of anti-static clothing or wear any metal objects.

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