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New fashion Shorts in 2016 Summer

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-07-15
When we talk about summer,the first item we'll choose,of course is cargo shorts. Today we'll introduce a hot style cargo shorts in the 2016 summer---Chino Shorts.

What is chino shorts?

Many people will confused Chino and Khaki,they think these two styles are the same. But in fact, these two styles are quite different.

In the 19th century,the British army developed a kind of 100%cotton fabric---Twill fabric. This fabric is comfortable,druable and breathable,and khaki is a original color,so chino pants become more and more popular. 

Style one: Check with the academic style solid color shirt plus a cardigan or fleece jacket, instantly becomes Sven College god. Plus a pair of loafers, bookish accentuates. 

With two: dark shades of Chino shorts with a dark T-shirt, and you just need to hem T-shirt into the pants to go inside a little bit, the belt is exposed to bright colors, the body immediately accentuates highlights.
Match three: the Chino pants cuffs rolled up, and then with a little simple drape solid color suit and a white T-shirt or blouse, then add a fringed scarves as a decoration, holiday legs gentleman immediately appeared.

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