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Mistake of Cargo Pants

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-21
Mistake #1: Wearing Cargos With These Clothes
Cargo pants were originally worn as combat trousers, and they’re still super-casual.
That’s why you should never wear them with collared shirts, blazers, or suit jackets, or any type of dress shoes, such as Oxfords or bluchers.

The easy fix:
Wear these casual pants with sweaters and polo shirts; denim, leather, or outdoor jackets; and sneakers or boots only.

Mistake #2: Choosing This Pattern
So we know that cargos are casual, but we need to draw a line between hunting gear and leisure attire.
Even though camouflage pants (camo pants) are in fashion from time to time, you should never wear this pattern.

Naturally, hunters wear it when hunting, but sporting camo cargo pants for men around your neighbourhood will just make you look like a paramilitary nutter …
… not exactly the sexy, casual look we are aiming for.
The easy fix:
Instead of camouflage, wear solid neutral colours such as navy blue, khaki, charcoal, and olive green.

Mistake #3: Doing This With Your Cargo Pockets
The roomy pockets were originally there to let military personnel carry as much equipment as they could handle.
The ironic thing with cargo pants today …
… is that from a style point of view, the cargo pockets should never be used, since a bulging side pocket will ruin your silhouette (read: make you look stupid).
The easy fix:

Leave all your manly gadgets at home—or at least don’t stuff them into your cargo pockets—so your empty side pockets can lie flat.