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Method to identify wollen clothes fabri

Uniform colour and lustre is natural pure wool fabrics soft, heat preservation effect is good, is a production of high-grade suit and coat the fabric of choice. But an increasing number of wool-like fabrics now, with the improvement of textile technology, has achieved the level of most customers are difficult to identify, but colour and lustre, warmth retention property, feel is also far less than pure wool fabrics such as overalls.

Pure wool fabrics coveralls identification way simply summed up as the following:

First, hand touch feeling. Woollen fabrics coveralls soft handfeel, usually hairy fabric wool touch soft handfeel, against hair tingling. And blended or pure HuaQianPin, some owe soft, loose, some is too soft and sticky feeling.

Second, the colour and lustre. Pure wool fabrics coveralls colour and lustre is natural soft, bright and no Chen Jiugan. Compared with pure chemical fiber fabrics, blended or gloss or dark, or have a flash of color feeling.

Third, the elastic. Clothes hold in your hands, and then let go of it, the elasticity of fabric. Pure wool fabrics coveralls resilient rate is high, can rapid restorable, and blended or chemical fiber products, the wrinkle resistance is poorer, mostly left traces obviously fold, or healing slowly.

Fourth, single identification. Hair under a microscope to see all the animals have scales, if is long hair fabrics as long as take a hair like above laid a few times will move up or down (to master this skill can take a hair from the first experiment), if it is a normal fabric, extracting a root yarn, cut 2 cm of the two paragraphs into one fiber under the hand rub four or five, they would not move.

Fifth, combustion method. Take a bunch of yarn, burn, pure wool fiber smell like burning hair, chemical fiber fabrics, smell like burning plastic. After combustion particles of chemical composition more harder.

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