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May Day Holiday

We just come back from our May day holiday. As we all known, May day holiday is one of the most important holiday.We have three days off during holiday.

As we are a SGS certified workwear manufacturer, we are specialized in this field more than 11 years. In order to celebrate May day holiday. My boss decides to give each of us a piece of workwear. My colleagues are very happy and we discuss what we should choose. At last, we decide to choose a piece of safety vest. For safety vest, our company has fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange. They are 100%polyester 120GSM with reflective tapes. I get a yellow one. After all of us get the vest. One of my colleague tell us a story about high visibility clothing. The story like this:

Once a building worker injuried and couldn’t move at night. He shouted for long time, but no one save him. Suddenly,he found something shine at night. It was his reflective vest. Then we took off vest and waved it in his hand. Someone passed away and save him. It tells us the importance of high visibility workwear.

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