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Maintenance skills of career suits

More and more companies focus on their image, staff uniforms will choose custom suits can be unique and can be the perfect embodiment of self temperament, wearing also very fit. 

Appointment with a client, a business trip will wear a suit, hoping to make a good impression, but also need to pay attention to wear a suit cleaning methods and maintenance, or custom-made suits could easily deformed, not how long wear. Then we should pay attention to what? 

In fact, many people should know that when you custom suits  the designers also will be told to you. Custom-made suits are generally high-grade fabric, so usually do not wash too frequently, do not feel so long not wash wear is not too unsanitary. Because you can frequently change shirts, suits and fabrics are very good, more dirt, generally two or three times a quarter to wash just fine, but it is best to get the dry cleaners to dry, it is best not to use their own water. Men's how to choose the different positions of the suit fabric. If you really do not want to take it dry, then wash their own time to pay attention, do not rub lightly and gently rinse with water on it, and do not wring their hands in water, it is easy to make suit deformation, directly take a wooden hanger dry on the line. Usually if only a small stain, then direct dip gently wipe the water will disappear. If there is smoke on the suit, you can hang with the wooden racks in a ventilated place, blowing on a night when they can no smell of.

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