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Let's talk about you and your "denim jacket"

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-31
There is a very interesting story: in the 1950s, Bing Crosby was wearing a denim jacket enters an upscale Hotel was rejected. Later, Levi's Strauss & Co. for his company ordered a tuxedo on a denim fabric, denim jacket which can be seen as a nice counter-attack. This time we talk about the history of their denim jackets, several partners about them, listen to them talk about their own denim jacket with their story.

No collar design

Simple but without losing the sense of the trend of the new type of collarless design, flash through the process, it was thin bead or concise style of tooling for the fastener that motorcycle jacket add fashion sense.

Retro rust red

Rust red to create a classic style but also for jeans into fashion colors. Durable canvas and twill by washing and drying can create retro old classic style, with front pleats and pocket styling still low position to highlight the effect.


Dip molding so clean color patterns detail seems very interesting. Use strong colors or hit by bleaching hit the color boundaries blur, can also use the color gradient along the washing effect.

Four pockets

Each brand will have a classic loose trucker jacket to create a growth-style funds, to build the western styling and practical style. Can draw inspiration from a functional work jacket pocket, or below the waist increase the hypotenuse pocket or patch pocket style. 

Printing Graffiti

Trucker jacket over the past few retro style, new design refreshing. Into the printed or hand-painted graffiti decorations trucker denim jacket is a good choice to take a simple layer, adding casual relaxed feeling for the overall shape.