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It's wrong to remove your coveralls

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-05
Now the summer holidays are thoroughly behind us (if we can even remember them that is!), I thought I’d get my feet wet again and put some thoughts out there. 

Correct risk assessment at the moment of transiting should tell us quite clearly who is most at risk – the operative. Therefore what is transiting for? The primary purpose is to ensure that an operative exits a hazardous environment safely. It has a secondary purpose – to ensure that in exiting, - that hazardous environment stays confined. The dirty stage (it's nick name is such for a reasons) is the most hazardous part of the airlock system, so why should we be asking operatives to remove any coveralls here? Removing protective clothing in the enclosure is clearly slightly insane.

If the primary purpose was indeed keeping the hazardous environment confined, whilst allowing workers to exit – then a buffer zone or sacrificing PPE early to keep ‘us civilians’ safe, seems sensible.