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Introductions of construction workwear

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-09-23
Nowadays we notice that construction industry plays a very important part in our customers.Construction workers building houses, bridges, roads for the development of the city has made tremendous contributions to enterprises to purchase uniforms for employees of security so that they extra protection it is inevitable, so how to choose the right clothes and cost-effective it? Today let's talk about something you don't know the construction workwears.

1. Druable. Workers wear overalls biggest feature should wear, when they work, will often encounter materials, especially some types of work also requires frequent moving materials, so that even more of the need to wear overalls.

2. Sweat. If a worker's clothes do not sweat, so dripping wet clothes will stick to the skin, it will seriously affect the efficiency of the workers, so sweat is necessary, especially in the summer.

3. Color. Workers of color clothes is a big requirement, in general is brilliant blue and orange, red is better, because these three colors are very dazzling color alerts that play a role, of course, need to add reflective slats Oh, this is the premise of security!

These 3 points are the most important part.If you have any question about workwear pls